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I don't know which strap to choose. Can I get help?
Of course You can. However please read short GUIDE when You are here for a first time. We explain there couple impotant things in a very simple way.

If You still have problems with choosing colors, lenghts, straps style etc... please contact us. 
What type of leather do You use for watch straps?
We use vegetable tanned leather  which is usually dyed by ourself. For more info see each product details.
Will Your straps match to my watch?
Most of watches on the market are typical and fit with most of straps. Beside the straps for standard spring bars we also offer straps for fixed lugs. This types of straps were used often in the past, usually in military and sports watches . We also make straps for curved springbars which You can find from time to time in modern watches.
Do You make other straps than those available in store?
Yes and we also modifiy them  when our clients ask us. So if You have some good idea or Your own design feel free to share of it. We also make custom logos and stamps on leather and steel parts.
What form of delivery is available?
There are two: Registered Priority Airmail or Global Expres. For more details go to SUPPLY.
I'm interested in bulk buying. Will I get a discount?
Yes but the amount  depends on produckt details, model, quntity etc.. so the best way is sending a message to us.